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fuckers [Sep. 17th, 2003|07:48 pm]
This journal's friends only from here on out.

Add a comment if you want in.

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[User Picture]From: yuushi
2004-11-10 08:09 pm (UTC)
Hello! Nothing to do with your post, but I noticed you had "laserdiscs" in your interested and thought you might be interested to know that I just made a Live Journal Community for LD fans (laserdisc_fans).

So join up if yer interested!
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[User Picture]From: madshelley
2005-01-05 10:54 am (UTC)

hello there!

don't know how i stumbled upon your journal, but i'm glad i did. you seem like a cool kid and have incredible taste in...basically everything. not that one's taste should govern who and who are not your friends, but...yeah. ok, time for me to stop talking. cheers!
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From: absences
2005-01-18 04:49 pm (UTC)

why, it's savethempire!

miss you this much (i'm spreading my arms really wide).
this is the new (private) journal.
i'm, of course, adding you
for whenever you happen to return from your hiatus.
i hope you're having the time of your life, cowboy.
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[User Picture]From: sisterdeirdre
2005-06-29 12:21 am (UTC)

hi- inviting you

A new community
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